Trade Command Center Review – Signals & Accuracy

The Trade Command Center (TCC) Signals is truly unique, extremely accurate and the best value for money custom made Forex product By Tradeology.

Some of the trading programs released today meet the standards of being a decent product. However, traders usually ask themselves if the particular product meets their goals. As a trader, there are countless strategies that can be pretty useful, but there are also helpful tools that are being released every day. One of these tools is the TCC.

The TCC is a news release from Forex Signal. It is created and designed by a team that includes experienced traders Toshko Raychev and Adrian Jones, the CEO of Tradeology.logo

Product Name:Trade Command Center
Product Type:Premium Web-based Forex Trading Software and Training Program 
Author / Creator:Tradeology Team
Price:$̶4̶9̶9̶  $399 – 20% OFF 

Maxinator Pro $̶7̶9̶6̶  – $696 20% OFF

Launch DateJune 2021
Selling Platform:ClickBank (100% No Risk)
Refund Guarantee:100% Satisfaction Guaranteed By Tradeology
Official Site:TradeCommandCenter
Our Verdict:
  • 100% Recommended

Trade Command Center Review: Summary

The Trade Command Center caters to both beginning traders and those who are experienced in Forex trading. The TCC provides signals which traders want, and they are updated every fifteen minutes or so across different time frames. Additionally, there is a training program that provides some beneficial information for traders who want to join the program:

  • Various signal channels
  • Educational resources and systems
  • A trading assistant
  • Evidence that it works

TCC or Trade Command Centre is an interface that shows valid signals on the day or hour that a trader is present. With this extensively designed interface, a trader has the option to select the timeframes or pairs that they want, which is then displayed on a dashboard. As such, over-trading can be avoided. Traders can also save time with this because they don’t need to search through other trade alerts to find their favourites.

Forex markets can help you make a lot of money. The only problem is that only if you have a sound strategy can you make money. For a sound strategy, you need proper buy and sell signals.

Generating your own buy and sell signals can take a lot of time. It takes years to master this skill. However, there are a few Forex programs like the trade command center, which claim that they can provide you with excellent buy-in sell signals.

The question is, are the signals really good enough?

Our TCC review today will shed some light on the same. Once you take that into account, it will become easier for you to understand whether you should go for it or not.

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Trade Command Center Review: An Overview:

Very few Forex signal services provide you with really good buy and sell signals. The reason for the same is because consistently providing such signals is not an easy task.

Trade command center claims that it can provide you with the same. It has credible creators. That is one of the main reasons why it has become so famous.

Below, we will help you understand what exactly is the Trade Command Center.

What Is Trade Command Center(2021)?

Trade command Center is a set subscription service that provides you with Forex signals regularly. The advantage of this program is that you can select the time frame and the players for which you want the signals. That is why you have control over the pair for which it generates the signals.

The excellent filtration mechanism ensures that you will get the signals which you need. It means that you will not get excessive signals or overburden yourself with unnecessary signals.

Now that you are aware of what it has on offer, it is time to look at the creators behind this program.

Who is Behind TCC System?

Along with the Tradeology Team, Adrian Jones has launched plenty of successful Forex products in the past. These products have garnered millions of dollars in sales. It means that the creator has a credible track record behind them.

In terms of the track record and credibility of the creator, you will have no doubts.

We will shed light on the exact working of this program. Once you are aware of the same, you will be able to decide more easily.

Toshko Raychev:

Toshko RaychevToksho Raychev is the main trader for the TCC. Before joining this project, he was already a successful trader, educator, and retailer for Forex programs like the software and apps which he helped create. As of now, he has five different trading systems under his name, all of which are for foreign exchange. He started designing and coding his own trading systems way back in 2013.

Adrian Jones:

Adrian Jones is the CEO and lead trader for Tradeology. All the students he has mentored achieved their own success over the past ten years. He has also helped Tradeology accomplish its vision of becoming the top Forex educational platform in the world.

About Tradeology

Aside from being the first and leading Forex educational site, Tradeology also aims to provide timely and top-notch resources to traders. They can help traders of all experience, whether they are just beginners or already proficient traders. Thanks to Tradeology, traders have undergone significant mentoring. Moreover, they were given access to a wide range of sources in order to help them in their education. These resources provided great insight, which led them to become better, more confident traders on their road to success. Tradeology strives to motivate and grow so that they may continue to help other people.

toshko raychev champion

Tradeology Previous Products:

As we have highlighted above, there are numerous products which Tradeology has previously launched. We will go into the details of these programs below.

  • Tradeonix Pro:

Tradeonix Pro is a product that came with its indicators. With these indicators, traders were able to follow the trends or to get the buy and sell signals in no time. The detailed coaching further helped traders to trade in the forex markets.

  • Accelerating Profits:

Accelerating Profits provided automated signals to traders to trade in the forex markets. The traders were able to program the system for the currency pairs which they want. The high accuracy made this program quite famous.

  • Infinite Profit System:

Infinite Profit System was a software-based system that helped students with accurate buy and sell signals. The advantage of this system was that students need not have much forex trading knowledge at all. It led to a hands-free forex trading experience. That is why; the program received thousands of positive reviews.

  • ND10X:

ND10X was launched with the simple goal of helping its students grow the account by 10 times. The program promised to help you do that within 2 months. For some, this might be an ambitious goal. However, with automated buy and sell signals which it provided, certainly a handful of students were able to achieve the same. Other students also achieved stellar results. That is why; the success rate of this program was pretty high. It is what made this group and team pretty famous.

  • Forex Duality:

Forex Duality provided consultation to students. The consultants were experts who have been trading the Forex market for years together. That is why it took a more practical approach to help the students learn how to trade in the forex markets.

With live sessions, professional traders were able to trade in front of the students as well. That is why the students were able to learn life.

The hands-on approach certainly made this program quite famous.

  • Forex Wealth Strategy:

Forex Wealth Strategy was a physical product. With this product, students were able to generate buy and sell signals on their own. This program aimed to help the students gain so much knowledge that they were able to develop their own strategy and therefore generate their own buy and sell signals.

Each of these products was a huge hit. That is one of the primary reasons why the creator and the team behind them have such a stellar reputation.

So, if you’re really serious about making money in the Forex markets, the signals which the trade command center can provide can certainly come to your rescue. They will certainly reduce your work and ensure that your accuracy increases even more. With a 60-day money-back guarantee, you have no risk at all.

Considering all these aspects, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with the trade command center. We definitely recommend it.

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Who is the TCC For?

The TCC platform can cater to any trader, whether they are just beginning traders with small accounts or experienced traders with more significant capital accounts. With the wide range of resources included on the platform, any trader can find the suitable materials they need in order to do well in the business.

How does it Work?

When you look into the trade command center dashboard, you will see the channels about various signals. These channels refer to Forex currency pairs. You can program each channel according to the time frame in which you want to trade. You can filter the channels themselves as well. That is why; you will be able to see the channels in which you want to trade.

Whenever there is a signal is generated, you will be able to see it through the dashboard. You will be able to get an alert as well.

Needless to say, once you filter the signals and select the right time frame, it is very difficult for you to miss the buy and sell signals.

Now that you are aware of how it works, it is time to look at the course details to help you understand what else is on offer.

tcc trading view

Trade Command Center Review: What’s Inside?

Technical Analysis:

Under the trade calls, you’ll find the Technical Analysis. This part of the interface comes with a strength meter, and this helps traders determine the win rate of their trades. Thanks to the lessons that come with the interface, people know that certain conditions are necessary for a trade signal to be present. The meter will strongly recommend a trader to buy or sell when all the conditions are present. On the other hand, if only seventy to eighty percent appear, there is just a simple recommendation for buy or sell.

tcc technichal analysis

The Dashboard:

The dashboard also offers some lessons on trading. This means that, aside from providing a user interface for traders, the TCC also acts as a resource center. The creators, Toshko Raychev and Adrian Jones, provide content that is useful for traders that are just starting in the industry. The focus of the lessons is mainly on understanding the signals and why they are helpful so that the traders don’t disregard them.

TCC Course Details:

There are various other resources on offer in the trade command center. These resources can help you further understand the signals and also use them in a much better way.

  • Educational training:

The creators of the trade command center understand that not everyone who signups for this program will be an expert. There will be quite a few beginners as well. To help the beginner specifically, they provide educational training.

With these educational resources, you will easily understand the basics of forex. After that, whenever a signal is generated, you will be able to use the signal as well. In a nutshell, it will become easy for you to use this program once you go through the educational training.

The educational training also ensures that this program is suitable for exports as well as beginners.

  • Trade assistant:

Many times, by looking at the earlier signals which were generated, you can understand a lot about the trading system. The trade assistant helps you with that. It not only helps you look at the older signals but also the current ones as well.

It means that it will provide you with much more information about the signals.

Once you have this extra information and the signals and easy-to-understand interface, it will become easy for you to use the signals generated by this program.

  • Previous trade proofs:

Many traders prefer to analyze the results of the past two days before using the signals. If you, too, are one of them, the trade command Center provides you with plenty of opportunities to do so as well.

There are hundreds of proofs of previous trades. More such proofs are uploaded every week as well.

Once you go through these proofs, it is easy to understand how these trades work and what kind of results they bring.

When you are aware of the same, it will become really easy for you to trust the system and use its signals.

  • Resource center:

In the program, you will also notice a resource center on offer. The resource center consists of newer and newer content.

The resource center aims to help you learn more about Forex signals, Forex software, as well as forex markets.

The creators take a lot of effort in always keeping it up to date.

Also, with newer information being updated regularly, you can learn more about Forex markets.

The aim of the resources section is to make you affluent in forex markets in general.

Once you know about the various patterns and the pairs in forex markets, it will become easier for you to use the buy and sell signals that this program generates.

With the numerous such learning resources on offer, this is one of the most useful sections of this program.

Now is the time to look at what the members area of this program has on offer.

  • Member’s area:

In the members area, you will find the download link to the software. Once you download and install the software, you will be able to filter the currency pairs according to the time frame and the type of currency you want to monitor.

Also, in the members area, you will find a link or to interact with the other students. The team behind the program will also interact with the students from time to time. It means that if you want to interact with the creators of the program, you can do so through the members area.

A unique feature of the members area is that it involves professional traders working with the students. That is why it will become easier for the students to understand how to trade and know the details of forex trading.

Do you like webinars?

If so, the member’s area consists of various webinars as well. Newer and newer webinars are uploaded regularly. Webinars cover every topic ranging from how to use the signals to the latest developments in the forex markets. That is why, by going through the webinars, you can once again learn a lot.

The program, as well as the software gets frequent updates as well. These updates are also shared in great detail in the members area. Once you go through the update details, you can decide whether you want to update the software or not.

In a nutshell, members area offers much more than just the buy and sell signals. That is why you can really learn a lot just by going through the members area alone.

We will now share some other aspects of this program with you so that you can know more about it.

TCC Technical Analysis:

The program provides you with a technical analysis of some of the currency pairs as well. Not only that, the program aims to help you with technical analysis so that you can conduct it on your own. It means that you will no longer have to worry about relying on someone else for technical analysis.

tcc technichal analysis

TCC Economic Calendar:

We all know that the news governs forex markets. Depending on the economic data, the currency pairs can vary wildly. That is why the program also offers you an economic calendar. It informs you what news is about to come out or what numbers are about to be released. Once you follow the calendar, you will trade the News or completely avoid the News according to your preference.

tcc economic calender

Keys To TCC Trading Success:

The key to trading profitably with the trade command Center is to utilize all the resources it has on offer. Only once you do so can you use the buy and sell signals to generate maximum effect.

It is Possible to Make GUARANTEED Income

Of course, every trader, or even every person, wants to know if they’ll be able to make a profit in their industry. Well, thanks to TCC, traders can see growth within their accounts. It should be noted that capital also plays a primary role here. In fact, the capital affects the trading account overall. The TCC Signals is better for small accounts wherein traders go for the five-to-sixty-minute time frames. When they go after these signals, they are able to open trades fast and close them just as quickly. TCC signals get excellent scores for lower timeframes that are effective.


No, TCC is not a scam. With credible creators behind it and premium buy and sell signals on offer along with detailed forex market training, you certainly cannot go wrong with it.

Is it lose your investment, any refund guarantee?

Another advantage of this program is that it comes with a complete 60-day money-back guarantee. That is why, if you’re not satisfied with this program, you will be able to get a no-questions-asked refund.

That is why, when you’re investing in this program, there is nothing to worry about.

Now is the time to look at the products which were previously launched by this team to understand what you can expect with the trade command center as well.

The PROS and CONS of the TCC


  • Saves Time

If you want an interface that is a real time-saver, then TCC is perfect for you. It’s designed in a way that allows a registered trader to simply log in with the app or webpage. With this feature, they can do trading and pick signals while they’re on the go. Of course, if they would instead work in a conducive environment, the interface also works amazingly on a desktop. Overall, TCC definitely saves a lot of time.

  • Available Resources

Tradeology really stays true to its vision of being the number one education platform for traders. Thanks to TCC, traders get the education they need to be better than when they joined. When traders join the industry, they always think about the profits and the connections they’ll make, but never the value they can add to themselves with the knowledge and experiences they gain. However, with TCC, traders are equipped with the strategies they need. These strategies really help them achieve success when done constantly. Adrian Jones and Toshko Raychev themselves curate and add to the resources available on the platform- two very experienced traders who are very successful in the industry, sharing their own knowledge and tips for success.

  • Performance

The team behind Tradeology and TCC, which include Toskho Raychev and Adrian Jones, have been in the industry for over two decades. It’s no wonder that every product or trading program they’ve released has set the bar for other trading programs to follow suit. And you can be sure that whatever trading program they release always lasts longer than other products and sets the trends for other publishers when they create their own programs. So it should come as no surprise that the performance of the TCC platform also exceeds people’s expectations as its predecessors did.


  • Signal Scams

With many signal providers lurking on the internet, it can be difficult to tell which ones are genuine and which are scams. Unfortunately, even with TCC Signals, it can be impossible to know if a signal is only fake, and this is a problem that traders constantly have to deal with. No matter how great the design of TCC is, it cannot protect against this particular problem. But, No worry. This system provides 60 Days Refund Guarantee. So you have no worry to this system is Scam or you will lose your money.

tcc long term


Given that the internet is a big place, you can definitely find free signals. However, there is no guarantee that these signals are provided by experienced traders. Moreover, these signals can be unreliable and might end up adding no value to your trade. However, there are signals such as the TCC Signals platforms, which come from reputable traders; however, they do not come for free. The price might seem for others, but the great thing about TCC is that you definitely get your money’s worth. With access to the platform, value is added to traders, and they have a better chance at success with the trades that they make. Currently, a first-year subscription costs about four hundred ninety-nine dollars. The beauty is that a discount is offered to traders in the succeeding years of their subscription.

There is a lot of evidence that shows how effective the Trading Command Center Signals platform is. Not only that, but it is straightforward to use, just as simple as copy-pasting something. Predecessors of the TCC Laster for years. They were undeniably effective when it came to helping traders gain profit for themselves. Toshko Raychev has assured that with the TCC. Traders will be able to improve and grow beyond their current level while also getting results. Thus, traders can have a chance at earning double of the profits they make. This new trading tool has definitely helped traders earn great financial returns.

Overall, the product is very worth it. It includes everything from training, to signals, to indicators and ensured the growth of both traders and their money. It is a sufficient support system for beginning traders and an excellent resource for experienced traders to gain even more success. It is highly encouraged by many traders, and so far, it has only provided satisfaction to its users. This new product, much like its predecessors, can also be considered a success. Without a doubt, the program will last for many years to come and will continue to be helpful to a lot of traders.

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