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The Ultimate Training Course On The Best Ways To Build A Completely AUTOMATIC 7-Figure eCommerce Company Using Just (POD) Print On Demand.

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Product Name:Print Profits
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Author / Creator:Fred Lam & Michael Shih
Price:$997 or 3 Payments of $397
Launch Date: 11th July 2018
Selling Platform:ClickBank  (100% Trust)
Refund Guarantee:YES (3 Days Money Back Guarantee) Details Shown in Bottom
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Print Profits is a web-based software and training program by Michael Shih and Fred Lam. The program comprised of an 8-part step-by-step video course on how to easily and quickly build a fully automated E-commerce business using the print-on-demand method. The three steps that are mainly used to make this business successful include design, product, and traffic. Print-on-demand works for any business. Therefore, you can easily and quickly sell a wide range of products like apparels, home decorations or jewels.

This business is currently the biggest E-commerce training program in 2018 and is run by Fred Lam and Michael Shih, the world biggest internet marketers. The two have launched so many other successful products, and they are launching this web-based premium training system that is worth 997 dollars. The aim of this program is to guide people on how to build their own E-commerce stores, create designs, advertise and sell their products in the market.

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Before we continue, let’s have a look at these two core marketers, Fred Lam and Michael Shih.

Who is Fred Lam?


A young visionary and core founder of Print Profits, Fred Lam, has shown the young generation that it is possible to make a rapid move from rags to riches. He is a former dishwasher and has worked his way through to his current status. His software has generated up to twenty million dollars in revenue to date.

Fred Lam is an entrepreneur who has ventured in both online and offline businesses and is currently the best-selling author in advertising. Internet marketing is, however, the principal investment of this young entrepreneur and the success of his students and his business in general shows that his methods are truly working.

Fred’s primary initiative is teaching people the easy way of creating E-commerce business by carefully following the step-by-step guidelines. More so, he guides users on ways that they can employ to maximize their profits and grow their businesses through web-based marketing.

Lam is a giver and believes that giving back to the community is what makes him successful. His greatest joy comes when one of his students becomes successful. His giving nature has made it possible for Water Liberty, one of his businesses, to develop two charity programs. One of the programs is based in India and West Bengal, building two wells that have is benefiting a community of four hundred people. The other charity program is called Trees of the Future, which has planted up to 89,688 trees up to date.

His goal is to empower more than 100,000 new e-commerce entrepreneurs through his current print profit courses.

A shade on Michael Shih

Michael Shih

Michael Shih is the core founder of Print Profits online business and together with Fred Lam; they have changed the history of online marketing. Michael has been a digital entrepreneur since the year 2013 and has built several 6-figure businesses such as local marketing, network marketing, and CPA marketing.

Through the years, he realized that his unrealized ability lies in internet marketing. He, therefore, founded his own web-based shop with Shopify with print-on-demand. Within only 60 days, Michael has managed to take his store to 6-figures through print-on-demand. Also, he has also successfully achieved Two Comma Club from Clickfunnels. This, he managed by generating more than 1MM using just one
funnel coupled with print-on-demand.

Most people do not fully understand the meaning of E-commerce business, and that is probably why they hesitate to join any E-based business training. Since this is a question that has been bugging so many people, it is essential to understand what exactly E-commerce means.

What is E-commerce?

E-marketing simply entails starting a business whereby you sell your goods and services online. Most entrepreneurs today have shifted toward internet marketing because the profits seem to be raining here. In a more technical term, E-commerce is the purchase or sale of goods and services through electronic channels, mainly the internet.

ecommerce marketing

How can you start your own E-commerce business?

Starting and online-based business are not as complicated as many people perceive it to be. However, this does not mean that the business will survive or thrive because there may be so many unforeseen challenges and mishaps. However, let this not scare you because so many people have ventured into this business and have been so successful, a good example being Fred and Michael.

The things that you need to start your own online business are:

  • A unique brand name
  • A unique selling strategy
  • A domain
  • Products or services
  • An efficient payment-collection method
  • Efficient goods delivery methods
  • Qualified traffic

All the stated components are the foundation of the business, but the growth and success will depend on how resilient, persevering and determination. Therefore, depending on your choices, you can start generating income right away or wait for months to earn your first revenue. After that, the primary focus is on optimizing your earnings and maximizing the profits.

How to make the E-commerce business successful

Although starting an online business is not difficult, ensuring its success is the tricky and most challenging part. This is because many competitors might be selling the same product as you thus if you are not careful, you might end up closing your business because of lack of sales. Therefore, it is advisable to come up with ways that will contribute to the success of your business. Some of the ideas you can use include:

  • Making your business stand out and unique:

Differentiating your business is the critical point as it will determine whether or not visitors will log in to your website. This can be achieved by solving at least one major problem that almost every customer faces and offering excellent customer care services to attract and maintain customers.

  • The right technology:

This is also very important because the right technology will ensure the fast and efficient sale of goods. Ensure that your website is fast and swift and free of bugs.

  • Go direct to the point:

Customers do not like wasting time, therefore, make sure that the process that they need to follow to make a purchase is straightforward. For example, there should be simple guidelines on how to register, clicking a link, signing up and making a purchase.

  • Secure supply chain:

Make sure that your supply chain is efficient because customers feel the consequences of a malfunctioning supply chain. If your customers are dissatisfied, your business will hit the rocks. Therefore, ensure that the supply of goods is reliable from shipping to delivery.

  • Cost:

Although all companies are aimed at generating more and more profits, make sure that your products are cost-effective. Come up with strategies for maximizing profits and at the same time making your goods affordable.

Once we all understand what e-commerce is and how to start an online business as well as ways of making it successful, the central question now is why venture in this kind of business.

Why E-commerce

why ecommerce

So many people have asked Fred and Lam this question, and a good number of them have ended up becoming their students.

The answer is simple. E-commerce is a business model that has attracted so many companies today. A company like Amazon is a good example and evidence that this business is the real deal. There are so many new eCom entrepreneurs that are making tremendous profits than most old established companies that have been in the market for decades and have invested on substantial advertising budgets but still making little or no benefits.

This is a good indicator that online marketing is the way to go now because any person can start and build his own business from scratch. This will also prevent you from working in companies where power is more important than profits.

This is possible by minimizing mistakes and money wastage and time and maximizing profits by supplying the right product to the right customers by the use of print-on-demand method.

So far, we have heard about Print-profits and Print-on-demand, but we have not actually understood what these terms mean in depth. This is an excellent opportunity to have a quick review of this business model so that we can have a better understanding.


This training program offered by Michael and Fred is available on video and written form, for those who prefer reading.

The whole program comprises eight modules and extra four bonuses and a weekly training. Complete Print Profits Review based on training are below.

 1. Module One- build


The first module mainly trains you on how to make the right decision and to have the correct mindset before venturing into online marketing. In this module, you are provided with the initial crucial steps to empower you to start your own online business. This module comprises sixteen training videos that should sequentially be watched for better understanding. The videos include:


  • Build to conquer
  • The basics
  • Niche research
  • Brand research
  • Securing a website/domain
  • Creating a unique logo
  • Acquiring of a support email address
  • Setting up the shop
  • Getting a toll-free number
  • Configuring your shop
  • Recommended apps
  • Mail Chimp
  • Abandonment protector
  • Urgency text
  • Pixel bay and tracker.

Once you complete watching and analyzing all the sixteen videos, you will have completed the first module.

 2. Module Two- designing your shop


This module will teach you how to develop your shop uniquely. Michael has made it easier to understand as he takes you through the most effective eCom store designs. Here, you will find a template that will give you guidelines on designing the shop. Whether you want to outsource a designer or design on your own, the guide offers quick, simple guidelines as well as legal documents and copyright processing procedures.


This module consists of seven training videos which are:

  • Design theory
  • Design research
  • Research shortcut
  • Outsourcing a designer
  • Working with the designer
  • Creating your own custom-made designs
  • Infringe and copyright protection

 3. Module Three- The preparation phase


This module teaches you how to select the right products as well as suppliers for your business. It also advises you on the types of products and suppliers you should avoid. Then, Mr. Shih takes you through the steps of correctly setting up a Facebook page for the business, as well as great Google and Facebook search hacks.


This module comprises of 10 videos which include:

  • A quick overview of the module
  • Suppliers and selection of products
  • Suppliers application Installation
  • Price psychology
  • Facebook for business
  • Creating a Facebook Fanpage
  • Audience/customer research
  • Facebook graph search method
  • Royal fans

 4. Module Four- How to attract customers


The main aim of starting an online business is attracting customers and maintaining them so that you can make sales and profits. Therefore, this module will teach you how to work with Facebook pixel and the easiest and most efficient way of getting the pixel seasoned quickly. Also, this module will guide you on how to work with different Advertisement types, Business advertisement manager, and creatives.

This module has nine training videos which are:

  • An overview
  • Facebook advertising
  • Pixel mastery
  • Advertisement types
  • Advertisement creatives
  • Advertisement manager
  • Interest marriage
  • Facebook blueprint and
  • Phase one- spearhead method

 5. Module Five- optimizing on the performance


This module teaches you how to measure the advertisement performance effectively, when to bring down the advert and when to scale your advertisement to start making a profit. Mr. Shih takes you through his own different scaling methods and manual bidding to achieve the best advertisement performance at a fair price.

This fifth module comprises nine training videos that include:

  • Advertisement performance
  • Kill or scale
  • Scaling the Ads
  • Breakout method
  • Cartel method
  • Ripple method
  • Vertical scaling
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Manual bidding

 6. Module Six- The Delivery


After ensuring that your advertisements are set up well, it is time to get potential winning Ads. In this module, you will learn how to manage your Facebook Fan page with automated comment moderation. This is because when traffic from the Ads starts to flow steadily to your shop, your Fan page also starts getting traffic as well as comments. You can, therefore, take this to your advantage to retain the returning customers and at the same time gain free extra traffic when customers share your product links.

This module is completed with five training videos. These are:

  • Overview
  • How to manage your Fanpage
  • Automated comment moderation
  • Running the business
  • Customer service

 7. Module Seven- Scaling


So far, you have seen that the web-based business is mainly about testing, scaling and selecting the products. Therefore, this module teaches you how to create a unique funnel set-up for the customers that you have retained, which is a big deal concerning free future traffic.

Five videos that provide the guidelines complete this module and they include:

  • Funnel overview
  • Clickfunnel setup
  • Cart hook setup
  • Funnel setup
  • Shopify buy button

 8. Module Eight- Expanding the Business


Once you have completed all the other steps, what is left is expanding the business. This is very similar to scaling, only that in this case, the developing is way bigger. This module will give you tricks on how to grow the business, procedure for setting up a retargeting campaign and Google brand search campaign.

Most importantly, you will learn vital ways of selling your business on the most popular marketplaces that are dedicated to buying and selling online businesses.

Finally, you will learn about the General Data Protection regulation Law of Europe that took place in 2018 May. This law is about the newly developed private data security update and compliance rules if some of your customers are from EEA.


This 8th module consists of five training videos that include:

  • Email marketing
  • Retargeting with Ads
  • Google Brand Search Campaign
  • Selling your Business
  • General Data Protection Regulation

As stated earlier, the course comprises extra four training bonuses with additional videos to guide you in setting up a home-based online business. You should, therefore, complete these bonuses to be fully equipped before you venture into this online business.

bonus google shopping

Print Profits Secrets


Just like any other successful secret, Print Profits also has the success secrets that have and will continue to make it a success. The fact that this is an online-based business does not make it an exception but how it operates is the real deal.

One of the secrets is that there is no need to find storage for the goods because Print Profits takes care of everything from fulfilling and shipping the orders to the clients. This means that you do not have to fear about physical storage or space because you can start your business wherever and whenever.

Another secret is that you do not have to source as well as test products to ensure that they are standard. More so, setting up the store does not require one to have huge capital.

More to that, this business model works mainly with affiliate links thus the way you advertise your business will determine greatly the number of clicks your links get. The more traffic you generate and the more customers you retain is also a significant determinant of the overall profits. Therefore, the main secret to keep your business up and running is ensuring that there is a steady flow of traffic.

Successive Features of the Print Profits

The main features of this type of business that has made it succeed are:

  • This business does not need inventory. Therefore, all you need to do is print the products that are on demand depending on what your clients have requested. This means that there will be no wastage of resources and time because you will only deliver what has been
  • Competition is a vocabulary in this business. You are the first to invent and launch this product there it is unique. Therefore, competition is almost unheard of.
  • This business works through fulfillment channels that are taken care of by third-party providers. Your primary focus is therefore on the sale of your products and maximizing on the profits.

Is there a specific group of people that can use this business model?

The answer is no. This business is open to all kinds of people, the young and the old, established businesspeople and beginners, you name them. Therefore, do not sit on your potential thinking that this web-based POD business is not for you.

Take, for example, Fred Lam, the founder of this POD business is a very young entrepreneur who has taken an initiative of encouraging other young adults to invest in online marketing.

Besides, you do not have to worry about capital because the amount required to set up this kind of business is very affordable.

Is this Business a value for money?

value for money

Every business is a value for money because the main aim is generating revenue and making profits. Similarly, this business’ value for money is paramount. There is no way it could have succeeded if the founders did not sit down and plan. Therefore, it is a safe business to invest in.

Print Profits – Successful Profits

Before investing in any business, the foremost question entrepreneurs ask themselves is whether the business will be profitable. When you sign up for this print-on-demand online course, there are so many bonuses that you get as a student. Such bonuses include free SEO services for a website that has been fully set up and a couple of advertising and products campaign running.

Also, there are four official bonuses added to the training modules and a weekly training by Mr. Michael Shih. These are just bonuses that you get as a student.

Once you set up your business and employ all the tools that you have been equipped with from the training, your business will bloom and the profit you will generate will be out of this world.

Advantages of the Print Profits training program

  • Following the training is very easy for every print-on-demand newbie. Former students say that it made them feel more confident to start up their own business.
  • Although the information that each student needs to take in is bulky, the whole session is pretty impressive thus it is very difficult to feel overwhelmed.
  • The learning modules have been broken up into smaller manageable topics and videos that make is very easy to follow. More so, you have control of your computer or any any other viewing device thus you can take notes as slow as you like and take breaks whenever you want.
  • Unique e-Commerce business approach.
  • Results Proved training system and blueprint.
  • No need to hire any web developer or web designer.
  • Created by world top Professional Internet Marketers Fred Lam & Michael Shih
  • Anyone can start without others help after complete training.
  • 24/7 customer support team available.
  • 3 Days 100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Disadvantages of the Print Profits training program

  • The monotony of Michael Shih’s voice is the main con. For people who have a low concentration span, listening to one voice for a long time can make them be distracted easily.
  • The numbers of videos from module one-eight are very many. Therefore, a person can easily get bored along the way.
  • Little time wants to complete 8 Modules.

Print Profits Price Details

Print Profits provides two payment options:

  1. One (1) time payment of $997 USD. Pay in full to save $194 USD instantly!
  2. Three (3) monthly payments of $397 USD per month. You will be billed the first $397 USD today and the second payment of $397 USD in 30 days, and the final payment 60 days later.

If you think the price is high, don’t worry you have a chance for 3 days 100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee.

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3 Day Satisfaction Refund Guarantee

Print Profits creators are so certain you will absolutely love the Print Profits Program, Try it out for 3 days risk-free, and they promise you will absolutely love it. No hassles. No problems. And they’ll stay friends.

100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

ClickBank Guarantee:-

ClickBank may allow for the return or replacement of a Product, depending on the applicable Vendor Return Policy. For more details see the applicableVendor Return Policy and ClickBank’s Return and Cancellation Policy.

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  • DIRECT mentorship from Michael Shih and worldwide experts through LIVE Training to scale up your e-commerce business

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Print Profits overview and Conclusion

We have come a very long way, and so far, we have learned so much about this product. Therefore, to summarize, we have discovered that this training is aimed at equipping and encouraging people to venture into online businesses. Also, the training provides several formulas for making Facebook ads and how to generate maximum traffic for your Fan page.

100% No-Questions-Asked Money Back Guarantee

Print Profits is the highly recommended course for people who want to build a successful eCommerce business. It is all-in new training course that helps you to create fully automated eCommerce business using (POD) print on demand method. This course will allow you to earn a passive income.

Although there are a few cons about this Print Profits program, it is a very effective training that will equip students/users with the necessary tools to storm in web-based businesses and how to remain on the top.

We Promise You Will Absolutely Love It & Value for Money.

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