What To Expect The Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition Review

Since it’s not available yet, we don’t have enough information to give you many details about what’s in the product. However, with such a significant release of Mark Ling, a lot of useful information will be released even before Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition becomes publicly available.

overnight freedom UE

The History of Overnight Freedom

Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer were behind Freedom overnight. Overnight Freedom was a training program designed to teach people how to make money online through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is merely promoting another person’s product for a commission on sales—the best known of amazon.

You can subscribe as an affiliate on Amazon and give you a unique link to share. When someone buys through your referral link, they get a commission on the sale. Promote recurring income products, such as membership sites. You get less commission but earn this amount every month as long as the person is still a member.

  • High CPA commission to promote physical and digital products
  • Promote high ticket offers
  • Sellers behind night freedom

People Behind the Overnight Freedom

Mark Ling

He has been a proficient market online of the largest affiliates of Click-Bank in the world, in the past and until now.

Jerry Kramer

Gerry is also one of Click-bank’s major marketers, making considerable gains in health, wealth, and relationships.

He’s trained and responsible for the success of a good portion of the leading affiliates in Click-Bank, which is very good.

Rob Jones

Rob is a teacher when it comes to writing ads, and he also did banking when it comes to affiliate marketing. Rob and Gerry have been around online marketing since 1999. How many online marketers today can say that? How much was he still making a lot of money online at the time?

These guys have been considered Click-bank’s number one marketer on numerous occasions. They have many students who also succeeded in commission marketing and making a living online. Our review of the Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition will be updated continuously as we get new information about program details until the planned launch in September 2020.

The Course Schedule

Overnight Freedom system is engaged through a course that takes eight steps that are well structured and effectively organized in modules. The module engages every willing learner in the fundamentals and every bit necessary in affiliate marketing. The fist profit niche of the affiliate has been reviewed on an online COMSOS.

In the module, the following will be covered into details.

Module 1: Setting an individual Facebook marketing funnel

The module is practical and perfect for beginners. It will introduce the leaders on the basics of affiliate marketing. Besides, the beginner will be facilitated to make an establishment of an effective and robust Facebook marketing funnel.

Module 2: Perfect ad architecting

In this module, one will graduate and become an expert in posting and architecting.

Module 3: The principal activity will be in setting a pre-sell page

Getting deeper into affiliate marketing by developing reports and different analytic

Module 4: Combining all-together

Every bit of the detail gathered from the first module is combined with an aim to generate excellent results.

Module 5: tracking, scaling and Split testing,

The upcoming affiliate marketer will gather the relevant knowledge to ensure effectiveness in scaling, split testing, and monitoring.

Module 6: Credit cards and Ad Account

The module invo9le gathering of all the requirements necessary to get your mindset for the business.

Module 7: Tips, advanced strategies, and hacks

Module 8: Additional advanced strategies

More and advanced strategies are gained through further exploration and working on becoming significantly advanced in the business.

The Major Twist of the Ultra Edition system

The system has been termed as a game-changer. Its uniqueness has been enhanced because of the sitting twists, which are incredible and something that has never been experienced.

Two Paid Sources of Traffic

The twist helps one of the two scalable and most powerful traffic sources. The two sources are ten Facebook Ads and YouTube Ads.

High Commission Earning

Earning a higher commission is not possible for all affiliate markers. It only achieved by the experts. The system has a twist that will let you gain sufficient access to offers that can be negotiated with the venders offering a higher commission. I most cases, mentors will unleash super fantastic offers. This will allow the marker to earn a reduction on the backend since it is an arrangement available only to the members.

Pioneer Software Access

Getting through this course will guarantee the need for building a higher and a converging Facebook and YouTube compliant website. Instead of doing paid offers, it is advisable to use the pre-sell page since it is a better option. Having such skills, it will be possible for the marketer to create presell page with a higher conversation and funnels. Such a skill will help every marketer to become a super affiliate range. In the long run, the marketer will get the Freedom in a complete package and be in a position to make changes by choice.

Ad generator

Because of the help from the advanced software, it will be possible to write a practical ad with ease and yet realize a significant benefit. An ad generator will be crucial in that it will be based on analysing the advertisements that are best performing both on Facebook and YouTube. The effect will be on the side of the marketer, where he will gain a high converting ad copy design within a short time.

Profit Earning with Limited Effort

For a student, earning $1000 as a profit annually, it will only require one to make four sales in one week.

Cash Prizes Every Week

Every week, there are cash prizes that are announced. The provision of the cash prizes has an intention to foster encouragement to the students for making the appropriate action with the program materials.

Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition System Benefits

  • No need to sell own product
  • The commission is earned regularly
  • Limited budget requirement
  • Gain knowledge on how to build perfect and effective Ads with significant revenue
  • Friendly for people without affiliate marketing knowledge


  • The results are well proven
  • Innumerable bonuses
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days


Again, this is a brief review of Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition, but I still want to share everything I know now. From things, the Overnight Freedom Ultra Edition course should change the lives of its students.

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