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The number one online shopping destination today is Amazon. While you can get nearly anything there, books are still their most important product with Kindle e-books having the fastest turnover.

Kindle authors who have bestselling products for sale on Amazon can tap into a continuous stream of passive income. The Kindle Cash Flow program offers a way to take advantage of that with a simple formula that requires little upfront marketing effort.

Over the past decade, Ty Cohen has very profitably leveraged Amazon as his shopfront. Now he is sharing his tried and tested approach in an online course that is just being launched online.

kindle cash flow

Product Name:Kindle Cash Flow
Product Type:Make Money Delling Kindle eBooks
Author / Creator:Ty Cohen & Anik Singal
Price:$697 or 3 payment of $277

Cart Open and Close19th FEBRUARY 2020 to 24th FEBRUARY 2020
Refund Guarantee:Yes
Official Site:KindleCashFlow
Our Verdict:
  • 100% Recommended

What is The Kindle Cash Flow program?

In a nutshell, the Kindle Cash Flow system uses a unique 3-step system to sell large numbers of “Word documents” on the Kindle platform at Amazon. The goal of the program is to create a constant revenue stream for you that continues month after month. You will learn from Ty a sure-fire strategy for launching a Kindle best-seller.

With the Amazon e-book platform, authors can format, upload, market, and then sell content directly in the Kindle marketplace. It is not difficult to create or outsource compelling digital content that works well on this platform. Even if you’ve never published a book before, you can become a best-selling author.

Ty Cohen has used this approach to literally make millions. In this course, Ty opens the books to show how he generates ongoing passive royalties.

Using a unique 3-step system it is not necessary to invest in expensive marketing tools as you would normally expect. You will not need to build a website. You do not need to have an email list. You don’t need to have traffic to tap into. And you can even bypass the sales funnel. Just a short word document with a few little hacks will be enough to get your first customers.

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Who Are the Creators of This Program?

The program is brought to you by Lurn Inc who specialize in training for entrepreneurs. Their experts offer acclaimed courses in digital marketing and entrepreneurship. With a hundred courses offered by experts like Anik Singal and Robert Kiyosaki, they have a following of well over 300,000 entrepreneurs who have enrolled with them.

Ty Cohen, with the support of Anik Singal, is bringing the version 2.0 of this course back for an updated release. With all the changes seen at Amazon Kindle recently, this is update is well overdue. The method has proven its worth, time and again, for many entrepreneurs already. And there is plenty of room for more with the volume of daily sales seen at Amazon

About Ty Cohen

Ty CohenAn accomplished publisher and internet marketer, Ty Cohen has become a master coach and mentor for thousands of successful online entrepreneurs. His offline and online businesses have generated millions of dollars. Having achieved success, he is now dedicating himself to training other entrepreneurs.

These days Ty is a writer, public speaker, internet marketing expert, author, and he even had his own talk show.

Ty has been called the King of Kindle’. The system he is teaching in the Kindle Cash Flow course is generating over $50,000 for Ty every month already. He lives in New York State with his wife and four children.

About Anik Singal

Anik SingalAnik Singal has been in business online for over 10 years, since he first started from his dorm room. In a short span of time, he grew his business to make $10 Million in sales a year, all over the world. Anik has been featured since then in Business Week as a Top 3 Entrepreneur Under 25. His business was also featured as an Inc 500 company, not just once but 2 years in a row. Anik Singal has in his career sold over $100 million worth of products, all online by just using a computer and simple systems. Working at Lurn, Anik has made it his mission to teach his insights to entrepreneurs everywhere looking for true financial independence.

Anik is putting his reputation behind the Kindle Cash Flow program, reflecting his level of confidence in the value of this product.

What is Included in Kindle Cash Flow program?

Subscribers will receive a comprehensive 3-In-1 Online Course containing 23 Training Modules along with 15 Bonus Resources! The course comes with 201 lessons and over 26 hours of video content on DVD.

So, this is what you will learn at the Kindle Cash Flow University:

  • How to self-publish and market your e-book using the Amazon Kindle platform
  • How to write your e-book quickly and how to avoid common pitfalls that writers often go through
  • How to learn about your readers and master your niche
  • How to prepare your e-book with value content
  • How to determine the best price for your product
  • How to utilize social media to raise awareness of your e-book
  • How to outsource content creation
  • How to get positive reviews on Amazon to boost your sales numbers

Who can choose the Kindle Cash Flow?

This course is ideal for those people, who want to make a living and earn a full-time income by writing. Whether you are a newbie to writing books or you have already written a few books before, you are sure to reap a lot of benefits by choosing this program.

It is sure to assist the entrepreneurs at all the stages of the Kindle Journey. Kindle revenues are enhancing manifolds and a plethora of eBook writers are earning a substantial and good royalty, in comparison to the traditional writers.

You can publish it at free of cost on Amazon. Also, you do not need to encounter the hassle of finding a publisher for publishing the book. You can also consider choosing this program if you are an experienced writer, who do not have sufficient funds for investment.

This course also provides tips and tricks to outsource the work. Thus, if you are not a writer, you still can use this course to grow your passive income through writing. According to the creator of the course, his daughter earns a few thousand dollars while publishing eBooks on the Amazon marketplace after undergoing this course. Besides this, internet marketers, entrepreneurs, and speakers can also gain a lot by choosing this course.

Why Should You Join Kindle Cash Flow?

The program is designed to deliver you key benefits:

  • To get your e-book published so you can generate a passive stream of income
  • To build your very own brand so you can establish yourself as an authority in the field
  • To achieve your lifestyle, wealth and personal success goals so you can fulfil your dreams

But most importantly, the program offers a pathway into outcomes every entrepreneur has as goals:

  1. Work from home and be your own boss
  2. Promote a product you are passionate about
  3. Live the lifestyle you want
  4. Build a long-term business with sustainable income
  5. Help people achieve their goals

The Kindle Cash Flow Review

The idea behind the Kindle Cash Flow Program is simple:

Amazon already has enormous traffic searching their sites for new books. Customers are looking for books that will help them escape, solve a problem, or can enhance their knowledge. All you need is to have a compelling book title and picture, and people will buy from you.

  • Ty Cohen will teach you everything you need to do to make this happen:
  • To find a subject people want to read about
  • To find a ghost-writer if you don’t want to write yourself
  • To publish on the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform To market effectively
    As long as you can deliver value to readers, the program will help you turn that into profit.

What is the Secret of Kindle Cash Flow?

What is the secret to online publishing success?

The Kindle Cash Flow program will teach you all the tips, tactics, and hacks you can employ to pull together a successful self-publishing project.

Speaking from his own experience of publishing and teaching people like yourself, Ty Cohen introduces the key concepts and tools that make the What is the unique value of the Kindle Cash Flow program?

Learn the secrets to …

  • Create a cover and title that will convince readers to make a purchase
  • Outsource content creation, word processing, art design and even editing to speed up the process
  • Understand the Amazon sales model to leverage it to your advantage Drive traffic to your author page to multiply word-of-mouth sales

What Do Students Get with The Kindle Cash Flow Program?

There are three courses included in the program:

Firstly, “Kindle Cash Flow 2.0” will teach you everything you need to know about making money on Amazon through self-publishing. Working through each lesson will set you up to end up with your own bestseller.

The training covers how to …

  • Quickly create your e-book with content that sells
  • Successfully use the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform
  • Find buyers and grow a large following
  • Publicize your book to potential readers via different social media platforms
  • Outsource the different jobs for marketing, branding and creating content for your e-book Make money both offline and online to maximize profits
  • And much more …

The second course, the “Author’s Inner Circle”, lays open the best tactics and hacks for getting the most out of the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform. All points of promoting your book effectively are covered, including details like the cover, book title, keywords to use, descriptions, price, as well as page lengths, table of contents, reader’s reviews, and more.

Specifically, you will learn how to:

  • Optimally set up your Kindle Direct Publishing account
  • Find the best niche category where to put your bestseller
  • Create a flawless listing by mastering 8 bestseller hacks
  • Improve your e-book’s ranking in search results by using keyword research
  • Publish your e-book live on the Amazon Kindle platform Publicize your e-book on the internet and build a huge email list
  • And much more!

In the third course, “The Writer’s Fast Pass”, you will learn how to write your book without pain and mistakes. And this course also covers how to use other platforms for profit, like Facebook, WordPress, and Shopify.

By the end, you will know how to …

  • Achieve the right mindset to write your bestselling e-book
  • Make use of advanced research tactics to raise your e-book listing
  • Prepare a sure-fire launch-plan and keep the e-book “sticky”
  • Get reader engagement with effective branding
  • Promote your e-book with WordPress & Shopify
  • To protect you & your e-book with the bonus self-publisher’s toolbox
  • And much more!

Enrolling in the program will get instant access to …

  • 23 Full training lessons
  • Bonus: 15 additional resources
  • Knowledge of how to launch and scale your own e-book on the Amazon Kindle publishing platform
  • And unlimited access, anytime, from anywhere

What Makes This Program So Special?

Anybody can achieve success with this program. There is no capital investment needed. You do not need to have an existing business. You don’t even need to already have online presence. Don’t have any business experience? No problem. Even without tech experience or marketing knowledge, the program will teach you everything needed.

But above all, you don’t even need writing skills to translate this program into personal success.

How Will Kindle Cash Flow Earn You Income?

Some simple numbers can help explain why you need to be on Amazon:

Amazon today represents 13.7 billion dollars of revenue in e-book sales. Last year, it was the 14th most visited website in the world. Amazon accounts for 80% of all e-book earnings for authors. Nearly half of all U.S. online shoppers start their product search on

The goal of the Kindle Cash Flow program is to assist you to build your own brand and to become an Amazon Kindle bestseller. You will master a market-tested system for achieving e-book success.

How Much Does It Cost and Is It Worth It?

This is a proven way to earn a regular stream of easy, passive income.

Only $697 — discounted from $997 — is a small one-time investment for which you will learn how to write, publish, and market your very own e-book, with the potential to scale to a 6-figure income. With a 30day money-back guarantee you really can’t go wrong.

Moreover, you will end with your own business and brand.

Because it is suitable for all levels and does not require any prior skills or expertise, it is worthwhile for people with different backgrounds.

Pros and Cons of the Kindle Cash Flow

The Kindle Cash Flow program has a lot of strong points going for it. But there are also some shortcomings you need to be aware of.


  • Video training covering all components of the course.
  • Enough documentation and bonus resources to cover a range of needs. Ongoing access and support.


  • The course cost represents a significant investment that is not in the range of everyone.
  • You must be ready to produce original, high-quality work that is of value to your readers.

Our verdict

Like everything in life, success is not handed to you on a platter but needs you to be decisive and hardworking. If you are ready to commit and go the distance, this program can be the life-changing investment you were looking for.

The Kindle Cash Flow University certainly is a legitimate course that teaches you how to start your own online business.

No matter whether you are a newbie or have already published online, the course is suited for all hardworking self-starters who want to earn passive, recurring income without leaving the comfort of their homes.


The Kindle Cash Flow program will teach you how to easily self-publish and market your own e-book on Amazon so you can build a passive stream of income, by following a tested step-by-step system. This course is a unique opportunity for new entrepreneurs interested in self-publishing or who want to find a better way of marketing their business.

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