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Fred Lam’s Media Buying Course Adtrics Academy Complete Review & Live Members Area Demo. Fred Lam Exploring Secrets To Newbies Into Great Successful Media Buyers With The Power To Generate $100k In Sales!


Product Name:Adtrics Academy
Product Type:Web-based Software and Training Program
Author / Creator:Fred Lam (Founder of Zero Up and iPro Academy)
Price:$2497 or 3 Payment Of $997
Launch Date:20th May 2019
Selling Platform:ClickBank  (100% Trust)
Refund Guarantee:YES (30 Days Money Back Guarantee by ClickBank)
Official (Special VIP Enroll Page)

Adtrics Academy is a web-based software and training program for online business marketing. The software involves live training and interactions for a period of 8 weeks. During this period Adtrics Academy review program exposes you to several valuable lessons which include; Understanding YouTube marketing, how you can succeed in media buying, how you can be able to create traffic to your website and another interesting lesson is it helps you know buyers available in a business.

Adtrics MediaAdtrics Academy review not only gives you the platform to know all that but also trains you on ways to implement in your website or related marketing and begin earning a good commission. YouTube marketing, as taught by Adtrics Academy review will enable you to advance your marketing to the next stage. It was created by Fred Lam who is also the founder of Zero up (starting from zero) and IPRO Academy.

To get the product, you can access it through their website Priced at $2497, or you can opt for partial payments, whereby you pay instalments of $997 in three fees. What makes Adtric Academy convenient and exciting to use is the fact that you can have a 60-day money-back guarantee refund.

Adtrics Members Area

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Let’s Dive Right In…

Brief Background of the Adtrics Academy Founder “Fred Lam”

Fred Lam was not a bright student, and neither came from a wealthy family. He was a dishwasher at a local restaurant. Despite all these factors they did not deter him from achieving his dreams. His star started to shine when ventured in the internet marketing field which a turn-around to his career.

Fred began from nothing and with no experience in the online marketing world. He had a hard time identifying the fundamentals required in excelling in the industry. It was through commitment and persistence that Fred Lam was able to create his first online business which was a success since in 4 months and made sales worth over $4.6 million.

Fred Lam Adtrics Academy ReviewHowever, the firm failed afterwards because he did not have business know-how skills. Due to frustration Fred abandoned the online marketing business but had internalised some critical 5-step procedure framework and using the experience he had gained, he developed his ad agency.

Later, Fred landed a position as a marketing manager for local automotive dealers for Rolls-Royce, BMW group in Canada and MINI. It was at this time that Fred Lam began to rise again and was able to expand his agency to accommodate more than 15 dealership as well as high profile clients globally.

Fred went ahead to create a second online business which was a success too as he made sales worth $6 million in 6 months. Fred then realized the 5-step framework (A website store, Inventory (deals with the traffic on your site), Traffic makes perfect, the profit multiplier, and finally Rinse and Repeat.) to excel was real, and anyone can begin from nothing (zero). To understand more about the 5-step success framework they are clearly explained in Fred Lam eBook “Starting from zero.”

Finally, Fred Lam has achieved a lot through the Adtrics Academy review more specifically in media buying. He has also trained many students globally and coached them.

Who is a media buyer?

who is a media buyerA media buyer is a person or unit that is tasked with acquiring media space for advertising the clients’ products. The acquisition must be satisfactory to the user and should also be within the range offers of the media platform. A media buyer therefore is a critic and a non-compromising person who earns a living from this. For one to be a qualified media buyer, a bachelor’s degree in product placement used to be a requirement must have topping up with the relevant skills in communication. Moreover for the technical part of it, a great taste in advertising comes in handy. However in the modern world where technical approach is a preference to paper work, this is no.Longer the case. One can be a successful media buyer without necessarily attending a huge course in Tertiary institutions.

A media buyer’s work is to negotiate for advertising space and airtime, purchase the aforementioned and continuously monitor the operations on behalf of his client. The client is then afforded time to monitor his/ her business. With a manager in hand, the client may relax and trust that his/ her media buyer to take care of all the advertising technicalities.

Adtrics comes in handy for such a justifies cause. Adtrics is a an online academy that offers quality education on how to become a successful media buyer. Adtrics also provides a close interaction with one of the best experts. Over the years, under the guidance of Fred Lam, Adtrics boasts of many successful graduates who ended up being great media buyers in the market. Adtrics offers its tutoring not by predefined and outdated materials, but by progressive interaction and quality multimedia materials e.g. videos and pictures. Adtrics values you and will always provide quality services to their esteemed customers. The above course is taken online, after which you are guaranteed an internship under the “Master” media buyer Fred Lam. Adtrics offers an interactive medium for interactive learning. Employment of Live coaching methods has greatly benefited the learners with the opportunity to make the most out of the tutor. Students under this program are trained and equipped with skills to make it in the world of media and as expected they have lived up to the expectations and so has Adtrics.

Let’s have a Quick Look at Media Buying

The term media buying should not scare you; it is merely a form of a business that comprises of gaining a media space and time for displaying your different ad creative. Its main aim is to locate the convenient place, reasonable time, and the right context to deploy your ads to the specified target audience.

Through this media buying, you will be able to increase your sales and increase awareness of your brand. Media buying is a sophisticated business; hence one need to learn it before application. Adtrics Academy Review will assist you in easy understanding of the Media buying and its benefits.

How AdTrics Work? – What’s Included In This Course?

The course takes an estimated eight (8) weeks. Within this period, the learner is required to have exclusive access to the Internet for quality education on the course at hand. For an eight weeks, it is relatively a shorter period to learn a money making strategy to be the media buyer you’ve always dreamt of being. Some unfortunately waste a lump some amount of time learning from quacks with no guarantee of success. However here at Adtrics quality is assured.

The course covers a wide range of sub units which allows a step by step guide into market buying. In the beginning, Fred introduces you to the journey of a Media buyer. A journey which will assimilate the learner to think like a successful media buyer and work as one. Changing the view of media advertising to suit you is one of the relevant skills taught by one of the best media buyers in the market. Consequently one is able to turn social media traffic to profit. The market is money and therefore traffic is profit. Fred Lam shares his six (6) brilliant strategic frameworks as a blueprint to replicate his success. Where on else would you get a certified blueprint to success at an affordable price. Definitely they are unique in their methods, and successful in execution. As Fred tutors you to success, he also guides you away from dents which he undoubtedly knows will result to a catastrophic downfall to your career as a media buyer. They teach you to become the best of you. As you work with the expert you become twice the person. This is a program for all, those with or without knowledge of anything about media marketing. It offers a way out for a suffering friend. A step in their direction is a genuine step towards success. This and so much more is covered in the Adtrics Academy. The site is up and running and tuition’s materials are offered to anyone anywhere in the world. Therefore worry not, Adtrics got you covered any time of any day.

Once you enroll into the program, you are offered exclusive access to all the materials in our possession. Interaction with Fred is also a privilege to all who wish to enroll or those who are already in the program. At Adtrics, they never delegate, instead they work with you for you.

Direct Access To Fred Lam's 8-Week Mentorship

1. Direct Access To Fred Lam’s 8-Week Mentorship

Master Fred Lam 6 Brilliantly Strategic Framework That can apply in any business.

2. Master Fred Lam 6 Brilliantly Strategic Framework That can apply in any business.

Shifting Paradigm To A High-Performance Media Buyer

3. Shifting Paradigm To A High-Performance Media Buyer

The Infinite Loophole To Generating 6 figure Business In a Year

4. The Infinite Loophole To Generating 6 figure Business In a Year

The Secrets behind Leveraging Big Data To Turn Traffic Into A Revenue-Generator

5. The Secrets behind Leveraging Big Data To Turn Traffic Into A Revenue-Generator

Your Opportunity To Work With Fred Lam Directly

6. Your Opportunity To Work With Fred Lam Directly

Previous Fred Lam’s Top Products

Apart from Adtric Academy, Fred Lam has other products he had developed which include Print Profits, Zero up and IPRO Academy. These three projects are unique in a way since by the time of their creation were the best tools for a different type of business. We shall now look at each of the two previous products at a time.

Zero Up

zero upZero up is based on the concept of starting from nothing going upwards. It is a powerful software used to create e-commerce sites. The software is cloud-based meaning its database is on the internet and not at a fixed place. Zero up enables sites to grow and expand their e-commerce websites. This software helps sites owners to develop their business. Once you get e-commerce automation tool zero up assists you to have an online store and begin your business. Opening your online store requires little or zero experience. The automation tool is beneficial also because it enables you to create and customize the stores in your preferred way.

Zero up provides a variety of features which include profit multiplier, Email integration, and intelligent product engine. This feature helps you develop your e-commerce business since it links to Shopify and several popular e-commerce fields. That is all we shall look about Zero up; let’s now look at the other Fred Lam’s previous product.

IPro Academy

ipro academyIPro Academy trains many students about the latest developments in application building. These two projects were developed before Adtric Academy even though the latter is the recent one and compared to the other two we can conclude that Adtric Academy is the most advanced and the best among them. IPro Academy brings together the elements of engineering and technology which broadens the student’s area of knowledge and keep them informed of what’s happening around them and universally.

The Adtrics Academy Review

As we have seen from the above projects, we can conclude that Adtrics Academy is the advanced and latest product created by Fred Lam. The Adtrics Academy Review shows that the Academy provides live Teaching sessions where Fred coaches people all about media buying and how you can be an expert in media buying on different social media and search fields which include; Google, and Facebook and a variety of many others.

Adtrics has proved to be more friendly and easy to use since it does not matter whether you have the know-how of media buying or not, it becomes more attractive because it accommodates everyone including beginners like you for example. What you need to do is join Adtrics Academy and be equipped with the skills for media buying and enhance the growth of your business.

You attain Adtrics membership when you become part of the Adtric Academy this enables you to access Fred 8-week live club fully. It gets better since during the 8-week membership you can be able to ask Fred Lam directly the queries you might have, furthermore, you will have 2 hours actual live class where Fred Lam himself will coach you. Adtrics Academy review helps you know more about Adtric Academy, Fred Lam being at the core center of all this he can share with you his experiences and how he managed to generate a six-digit income quickly, which is also possible to you if you join the program.

Sounds great, right? To be able to implement your technique on media buying, Adtric Academy will assist you in learning the six steps business blueprint which Fred Lam used to accomplish so much in business. When you sign in at Adtric Academy High-Performance Media Buyer Certification Program, you can acquire programs as bonuses and privileges as listed by Adtric Academy.

I know you are questioning the components entailed in the Adtric Academy Program; lets now get straight to it as we continue with the Adtrics Academy Review.

Adtrics Academy Members Area

Adtrics Members Area

Adtrics Academy comes with four modules with lots more important sub modules. Its very important and user friendly modules, also newbies can easy to understand. Fred Lam explored his talents to public in previous products, users are completely satisfied on that, also this Adtrics Academy is best ever media buying training.

We have very interest to explore complete modules overview and testing results, but we have some restrictions from Developers of Adtrics Academy. So sorry for our inconvenience. But You have a chance to test yourself buy joining this training with 30 Days Money Back Refund Guarantee.

ClickBank will allow for the return or replacement of any product within 30 days from the date of purchase. For more details see our return policy.

YES, I Want To Become A Certified Media Buyer Now

The Adtrics Academy Program Components

As we do the Adtrics Academy Review, we cannot fail to look at what the Program consists. The components entailed in Adtrics Academy Review Program are the Big Data, The Business foundation, The Traffic Execution, and The Growth Mindset. These components provide you with a platform to understand how you can generate traffic and move your marketing platform to the next step.

These, in turn, enables you to improve your online marketing capabilities. Adtrics Academy Review program also comes with captivating bonuses which comprise; A 4-week Copyright Mastery, Adtric Alliance, Private Media Buyer Alliance (MBA) Facebook Group, and an Exclusive Invitation to Marketers in Black. To achieve the online marketing enhancement all website owners and online marketers must capitalize on these components. We shall now look at programs and expound on each of them.

  1. One on One Fred Lam’s 8-Week Live Mentorship Access we have already looked at the 8-week Program in this Adtrics Academy Review. You recall well that it is acquired when you join Adtric Academy. Expounding on what we already know is that, in these sessions, you will be able to communicate one on one with Fred Lam, the benefit for direct interaction is that you will have all the questions you have in mind answered.It also builds up confidence and trust in the program. 8-weeks seems to be a short time but believe me when I tell you Adtrics Academy will teach you a lot of information and knowledge concerning Media Buying. In this program, you learn how to enhance making video advertisements on YouTube, The Launchpad of a high performing buyer. How to become a media buyer with an amazing performance.The 3-step formula (turns traffic in social media to profit). How to create great traffic (potential buyers). The Media Buyer Guide that will enable you to gain access to the global market. The Traffic Rolodex that is advertising 95% of the internet (what a great deal!), and finally you have access to a wide base of Media Buyer for any business. It will automatically scale up your business. From the above discussion, the program delivers all that it has stated to the aspiring media buyer and to the other merit we have seen is that when you join the program, it enables you to have a detailed and well-informed knowledge of Media buying.
  2. 6 Brilliant Strategic frameworks these strategies can be implemented in any business. For you who want to make your business excel within a short period, this is a perfect program which you can join. Out of the six business strategies which Fred Lam came up with the program explains one of them.
  3. The infinite opportunity revenue generation is another interesting program to enroll in at Adtrics Academy. The program assists you to understand your clients and audience better. The course is perfect for you as it accommodates beginners in business and those who have excelled in business. The program is full of emphasis due to its repetitive nurture, and as you know, repetition creates emphasis and plays a major role in mastering the necessary skills to get you started. Adtrics Academy Review has enabled us to view Adtric Academy as a suitable platform for success-oriented people like you and me. It is because when you join the course and implement the skills in your business or any other business, there is an assurance of making $2500 in each process.
  4. Changing the Model to a Media Buyer of higher performance is more of live sessions which are coached by Fred. He will teach you about popular errors that course problems in media buying and how to avoid them. In this Adtrics Academy Review program you will be taught on how to create captivating and persuading messages, this is fundamental in attracting clients to your business which in turn boosts your business. If you can understand the mindset of the client or audience, then you are on the right path to scale up your business. Fred trains you on how you can get to know and study your client’s mindset. As we always say in the business “The customer/client is King” meaning without the customer/client business is not possible.
  5. Capitalizing Big Data to turn traffic into generating revenue this program makes much out Big Data to be able to earn using the traffic in your online marketing venture. For beginners, you may see as if you are overburdened considering the number of clients you have to convert; this should not worry anymore, this is because Adtric Academy offers this particular program specifically to ease the burden. This program molds you into a data specialist, Adtrics Academy Review assists you to realize this critical performance measures which automatically leads to you being able to create a campaign strategy like an expert. Adtric Academy is an opportunity creator; it turns an opportunity to money, as we have seen in this program; it can help you generate revenue at all cost.
  6. Platform to do business with Fred Lamimagine working with a pioneer of a project, the imagination itself feels great and thrilling. Now when you join Adtric Academy, you get a platform to work with Fred who is the founder. That by itself is a golden opportunity for prospective Media buying. You will be able to learn the tactics involved in media buying as you communicate daily with Fred. Working with a projects founder/ pioneer also opens up new fields for you to meet more and more businesspersons. It is the same case at Adtric Academy you will be able to connect with many investors and make your business excel. Your level knowledge tends to increase as you continue linking and learning from others. Experience is not something you acquire overnight, it is a process, and it takes time, and it is through experience that we can solve problems and overcome challenges. This program also gives you a chance to gain experience in the business venture. In this unique opportunity, Fred will equip you with the techniques to succeed in the venture.

After looking in details the Programs which Adtric Academy offers, you have seen this is an excellent deal to succeed not only in the online venture but also in life as well. In this Adtrics Academy Review that is not all about the programs offered at Adtrics Academy, we are now going to expound on the bonus courses/ programs and see why Adtrics Academy is the best tool for your business.

The Adtrics Academy Media Buying Bonus courses/programs

  1. The Exclusive Invitation to the Market in Black a bonus is something you get as on top of what you have purchased. In this program, Adtrics Academy offers the course free. It consists of a free ticket to Canada, in Canada, you will meet Fred’s Media buyers, and guess who else you are going to meet? Fred Lam himself will be present. He is not only present for the event but also delivers live coaching for the next category in media buying. It is such a fantastic offer enroll in Adtrics Academy to make sure you are not left out in this great offers.
  2. The Private MBA (Media Buyer Alliance) Facebook GroupFacebook is a social media platform for interaction. By joining Adtrics Academy Review program, you will be a member of a Facebook group lead by Fred Lam. The purpose of this group is to bring you up to date of the current happening around the venture. It keeps you informed; thus you continue growing your skills and knowledge. Day to day information is what brings about new changes in the world generally. The other merit in being part of the Facebook group is that you are will be able to adapt to changes and overcome challenges.
  3. The 4-week Copyright Masterythe 4-week copyright mastery is an exciting course offered by Adtrics Academy; this course enriches you with the art of composing captivating brand content for your marketing plan. The program will teach you about the psychology of the audience; this is so amazing being shown a crucial component to grow your venture without having to pay anything. Psychology is the science of studying human behavior and mind, as we had seen earlier in this Adtrics Academy review the Audience and prospective client’s mindset plays a vital role in excelling in the online business venture. By studying the psychology of the audience, you will be able to know you how to deliver depending on the observations you make. It will also assist you in exploring ways to persuade more clients to your business hence making a fortune.

The bonus programs are of great importance in shaping your business. Adtric Academy has made it possible to produce fully skilled personnel in the online marketing business. The programs and the bonus programs have said it all as each program plays a vital role in moulding you to a fully equipped online marketer. Just like the body cannot work without parts of the body, Adtric Academy ensures the skills taught are applicable and productive. Fred Lam admitted that he tested and proved the strategies to business worked. Let take a look and see briefly how the Academy will assist you in generating an income.

Pros & Cons of Adtrics Academy

Adtrics Academy Pros and Cons


  • Expertise at your reach.

Fred is a veteran in this field. As your tutor and colleague, it is only fair to point out that the site has the best way of teaching its clients.

  • Simplicity and Easy to understand

How simple can it get for a person with zero knowledge on advertising through media to easily comprehend and end up being the expert in Media Buying? With the simplicity of this course, anyone can become an expert. Fred has simplified the complexity of media buying to allow better understanding by everyone.

  • Interaction learning methodology.

By offering interaction and live coaching sessions, everyone has equal rights to inquire on areas not understood and make the most out of the training program.

  • Added follow up.

Adtrics makes sure you have the hang of it. They accomplish this by allowing Adtrics certified graduates to work with Fred Lam in his already pillared ventures.

30 days money back

  • 30-Day No Questions Asked Money-back Refund Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee By ClickBank.

ClickBank will allow for the return or replacement of any product within 30 days from the date of purchase. For more details see our return policy.


  • Course starting price is little high, So if you are decided to becoming a media buyer you can go with choose Adtric Academy Course.
  • Time consuming – Little time taken to complete the course

Time is money and to make money you need to dedicate your time. This however is a disadvantage with the difference in time zones. Some of their clients sacrifice sleep in order to catch up with online interactive sessions.

In conclusion, Adtrics is a prodigy for nurturing success. I highly recommended that any interested client should try it out.

  • Want High Speed Internet Connection For Streaming and Watching Videos, Webinars and Course.

Summary Of The Role Played by Adtric Academy In Assisting You To Generate Revenue

Advertising on different social platforms fields is very fruitful in enlarging your sales this is made possible by Adtric Academy. Businesses like e-commerce, affiliated market and lead generation the Academy will enable you to make profits from them. These Adtrics Academy Review not only shows you how to earn from different ventures but also how to maintain your income.

Fred was a victim of business failure in his first online venture due to lack of business know-how; he trains you to avoid making the same mistakes he did. Adtric Academy is genuinely an income generated to those who would like to generate profit from the online business. Everything taught in the Academy is essential and plays a vital part in enabling you to make a profit.

Finally, Adtric Academy guarantees you get what you pay for and that in the end, you will come out successful. Adtrics Academy review has shown as that indeed the Academy is the place to be due to the many advantages we have seen. It is my wish that all that we have discussed in this Review will assist you in becoming an online venture and a Media buyer to be able to be financially independent.

YES, I Want To Become A Certified Media Buyer Now

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