The world successive eCommerce Entrepreneurs Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keek, and Todd Snively are the creators/ authors of the latest innovative eCommerce training system “7 FIGURE CYCLE“. 

7 Figure Cycle

About 7 Figure Cycle

Product Name7 Figure Cycle
Product TypeWeb-based Software and training program
Author / CreatorAidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, and Todd Snively
Cart Open23rd JANUARY 2018
Cart Close1st FEBRUARY 2018
Selling PlatformClickBank
Official Site 7 FIGURE CYCLE

     The innovative point of this system is making money by selling eCommerce without more investment and risk. 7 Figure Cycle System will work without websites and paid ads. This system method will not only for advanced marketers, it can follow anyone like to eCommerce selling. The 7 Figure Cycle tools and software are working a key rule to eCommerce selling process, that means this system is risk-free. 

So do NOT MISS your opportunity before they close the doors on membership.

Aidan Booth, Steve Clayton, Chris Keef, and Todd Snively


7 Figure Cycle has become the most modern way to make money online in 2018. Its creators have developed a step by step procedure which can make you make a lot of money.

Anyone from around the World can join 7 figure cycle training program, and earn money from anywhere you are. 7 Figure Cycle works with the Click Bank’s sixty days money back, which is guaranteed to all users who register.

7 Figure Cycle is one of the best places for those people who want to make quick and easy huge amounts of money with an Amazon business. Earning money has been made easy thanks to this program, things have certainly changed in that field. Don’t forget that phrase “Smart work is better than hard Work” by using the right techniques and creating an appropriate strategy you can make yourself a pretty big amount of money and make your income grow exponentially.


What Is eCommerceIt all started with the idea of bank transfers through the internet. A similar idea came to fruition called e-Commerce.

E-commerce, putting it simple and without any complex terms, is the sale and purchase, offer and request, import and export of products. It doesn’t matter the size or shape of the product, all fall under the trade, but when this is done at home, office or company, anytime, anywhere, using a computer with an internet connection that’s when we are in the presence of e-Commerce.

Thanks to e-Commerce there is no more reasons for you to travel to make business deals or a trade agreement to sell or buy products. The presence of an open market has changed all concepts. It continuously develops and widens spread in the field of the import-export business.

What e-Commerce looks to create is a Global market rather than a local one. Make it competitive to attract the biggest traders in the field of import-export. Working to increase your profits in ways that normal trades could never do.

Due to the wider spread of millions of competitors in this field thanks to all the technological achievements, the main task of e-Commerce is to provide the basic elements for the strong task of supporting progress in this field.

There is no denying the growing success e-Commerce has become through the years, especially now in the information era. It has turned the business of importing and exporting, buying and selling online so easy, that everyone wants to get onboard with it.

Whether you are looking to increase your capital, just starting a business or buy and sell products and expand your reach all over the world. Using 7 Figure Cycle to create an e-Commerce site is the platform for you.

E-commerce World

E-Commerce is accomplished through an array of applications, like emails, online catalogs, shopping carts, EDI, FTP, and web services, including Business-to-Business (B2B) activities and outreach. They normally use email for unsolicited ads to consumers and/or business prospects. Also sending e-newsletters to subscribers. Nowadays more and more companies are enticing consumers directly online using such tools as “digital coupons”, marketing through social media, and targeted advertisement.

The great thing about the world of e-Commerce is that it offers its services around the clock, available 24/7. The speed of access, wide availability of goods and services, easy accessibility, and international reach are just some of the benefits.

E-Commerce isn’t perfect though, among the most common cons of e-Commerce is the lack of customer support, the incapacity of the buyer to handle the product before purchasing, and the long waits for product shipping.

Ecom World

However, the e-Commerce market never stops growing, in 2015 more than a third of the total retail sales in the United States were e-Commerce sales. Data from the U.S. Commerce Department states that web sales were over 341.7 Billion Dollars in 2015 alone, with a 14.6% increase in relation to past years. The e-Commerce conducted through mobile devices and social media has grown exponentially as well. 30% of all e-Commerce sales in 2015 were conducted through a mobile device and 5% went to “social commerce” through Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Consumer’s data privacy and security is a major concern with the sudden rise of e-Commerce, setting IT departments from all over the World to dedicate themselves to the protection of this areas, moving beyond infrastructure design and maintenance.

E-Commerce activities are being regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Payment Card Industry (PCI). With FTC monitoring online advertisement, content marketing, and customer privacy. And the PCI develop standard rules like the PCI-DSS compliance that regulates procedures for handling and storage of consumer’s financial data.

How to Start an E-commerce business

With the growing success of e-Commerce sites worldwide has made more realistic than ever the businesses of importing-exporting, buying and selling. Increasing you capital or starting your own business has never been easier thanks to 7 Figure Cycle, with it you can expand your business globally, is truly the ideal platform for creating your own e-commerce site.


They want your business ideas to turn into reality. E-commerce is expected to grow incredibly exponential by the year 2020 dominating the World of online business. So, it will be in the best interest of your business to get onboard with this.

It’s for that reason that 7 Figure Cycle works hard to provide you with all the necessary support for everything you need to transform your e-Commerce project from an idea to a reality and expand it through various activities in the e-Commerce business.

E-Commerce can be divided into three parts: 

  • Buy and sell products, services, and overall commercial exchange.
  • Facilitate and manage the information, communications, and the cooperation’s between companies, and different departments within a company,
  • Provides customer service.

The online marketplace is defined by transactions. Transactions and relationships through the exchange of products, services, information, and funds. The E-Market authority is a trade center, a network with commercial transactions. They are the leading participants in the sale and the purchase.

Commercial brokers can be in different places and not even know each other, and their ways of communicating may vary from individuals to individuals.

About 7 Figure Cycle Creating Team?

Now let us talk about the creators of 7 Figure Cycle, Aidan Booth, and Steven Clayton, who are they? What makes them some of the best marketers out there? What are their credentials?

7-Figure-Cycle Aidan Booth, and Steven Clayton

1. Identify the Supplier. 

Pick the supplier of your preference, or you can choose one from the 7 Figure Cycle database. Once you’ve done that, ask for their catalog of products and that’s it.

2. Scan Supplier products.

After you get the catalog of products, scan it and create short listings, this can be done quickly and in a more conveniently manner by using a proprietary software.

3. Choose the winners.

From the shortlist of products you just created, select the ones that are more profitable, that what we call the “winners”

4. Amazon listings.

List only those “winners” on Amazon to guarantee high sales.

5. Preparation of shipment.

Have your products ready to ship them to Amazon. Make sure that doesn’t take you more than sixty minutes.

6. Send your inventory.

Send the products that you have prepared for shipment to Amazon, so that the process of making your big profits can begin.

7. Get Profit.

No more to say about this, go ahead and collect the profits for your investment.

In the 7 Figure Cycle Training course, you’ll be given special tips, techniques, and tools to complete every step in the best way possible to make sure you get the maximum profits from your sales. You are definitely be surprised at the incredible results. You’ll earn more money than ever before and 7 Figure Cycle makes sure about that.

What makes 7 Figure Cycle better than the rest of its competitors is the fact that no one has ever been able to do what they do, which is analyzed and filter all available products in a short time, sorting out the highest profitable products and the provisions for best opportunity it’s what makes it so desirable. You’ll be recycling cash as the shortlisted products will sell quickly.

E-commerce opportunities and challenges

Worldwide E-Commerce is on the verge of a massive stage growth. Mainly characterized by plenty of possibilities that opens the doors for promising opportunities, despite the challenges facing them.

  • Electronic Commerce because of how much it has emerged in a rapid development in recent years and over the past years it is expected to massively spread throughout the world. 67% and increasing is the percentage of online shopping through the internet and mobile devices.
  • The latest online surveys say that the percentage of people who make deals online in sales and purchase has exceeded 70% and is still growing.

E-commerce opportunities and challenges

When you are starting in the e-commerce business there are many factors that you need to consider.

One of the most important questions asked about e-commerce that preoccupies everyone who wishes to join this venture is what product is best for marketing and how will you do it to make sales work in the way you want them, to have purchased.

It’s no surprise that the e-Commerce market has a strong competition between importers and exporters, which makes it extremely necessary to choose products that have advantages and higher qualities over others.

Meaning that you will have to sell the best product. Importing, exporting, buying and accessing the global market with truly the best products so you’ll be able to expand, and trade faster. All of this requires a strong foundation for your e-Commerce business that can only be achieved through 7 Figures Cycle programs.

Niche marketing is really picking up, and everyone knows it, including big companies. Meaning that if you wanted to open an online store a few years back you were going to have to worry about website design, scripts, payment processing, storage, and a lot more, a lot. Starting an Online Store, took time, commitment and money, especially money, now, thanks to 7 Figure Cycle platform, you can do it all from a single dashboard a finish in a few hours.

7 Figure Cycle Secrets

7 Figure Cycle it’s basically just a pre-packaged business solution for selling products and starting your very own online business. And the best-kept secret about it is that you can use it without any prior knowledge or training in the world of online marketing.

You won’t have the need to go out and hired yourself a copywriter to work with you or spend fortunes on website design. Instead, you can buy this program and be done with all that and make money in a matter of days or even hours.

As mentioned before, the course was created by top marketers Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, who have created this system using their own distributor’s network in the United States (another well-kept secret). And what they do is basically offer you access to millions of potential products that are already listed in global catalogs. The 7 Figure Cycle system examines the data available and is able to pick and choose the items that are most likely to be more profitable for you in the shortest amount of time.

Once you’ve selected the products, they are sent to Amazon, and the marketplace does the rest of the work for you. The 7 Figure Cycle Course teaches you how to use these secrets to your advantage.

Some of those secrets are: 

  • Finding a wholesaler for your products.
  • Use cutting-edge software to find the most profitable products.
  • Buy the product and sell it for a profit.
  • Send the product to the Amazon marketplace for sale.
  • Achieve 50% or more profit margin is less than 14-days.

Once you have these secrets figure out, all you need to repeat them over and over again until you have become a millionaire. Because the money from the Amazon sales is deposited directly into your account, you’ll begin the earnings within a few hours of your first sale.

The biggest questions people ask the creators of 7 Figure Cycle, is what stops other people from applying the same secrets to make money without purchasing the training program. They always answer that up until they’ve come up with the idea no one has solved the problem of analyzing and sorting through millions of products quickly enough to find the ones that are most profitable. They have truly develop a groundbreaking technology.

7 Figure Cycle Course Details.

So, what is that you get when you purchase the 7 Figure Cycle Course? First and foremost, you paid for the opportunity to learn and create an ongoing profit making up to seven figures directly to your bank account. The course comes with a distinctive e-Commerce formula that has no match in its structural design.

There are three basic details you’ll get once you have purchased the course:

  • Complete access to the training program, proven to be a success and a millionaire maker. (It’s web-based so there will be no need for additional and annoying downloads).
  • The complete 7 Figure Cycle system innovative technology that has transformed the World of e-Commerce for good.
  • Everything else you may need to get you started on your path to success.

You won’t have to be worrying about customer support for building your own website, and no investment will be required for things like advertisements and branding, you even have to wait for weeks for your product to arrive so then you can send it to your customers. All you have to do is pick three items you want to sell and follow the instructions. That is it! So simple.

Successive Features of 7 Figure Cycle

1. It comes with proof before purchasing. 

Of course, there are dozens of companies out there claiming they can make you money if you invest in their products or services, but none of them can provide actual proof of that. However, with 7 Figure Cycle things changes, since there are plenty of people online who recommend the program and providing proofs of their millionaire profits.

2. It delivers a brand-new model for e-Commerce

Just like any other business, e-Commerce requires a process of learning and evolving. In the past, people used to buy the items from a wholesaler, then have them package by another group of employees and sell them to its clients around the World. Obviously, this process causes a drain on your final profits.

With 7 figure Cycle, you have entered a World that requires very little initial investment. Why? Because you already have the entire online business package up and ready to start. You truly don’t have to worry about the expenses for a website or paying for advertising streams.

3. It offers next-level software.

The 7 Figure Cycle software is unique and groundbreaking because is the only one out there that makes it easier for customers to browse through millions of products and choose the ones that are most likely to make them high profits in an instant.

4. It Has the Simplicity of an Out-of-the-Box product.

The 7 Figure Cycle Course isn’t just about teaching you how to find a massive source of income, it also provides you with all the tools you are going to need to start earning immediately.

The products that you select are up to you, but the strategy used for selling the products is already being tried and tested for success.

5. The logistics are handled for you. 

One of the things every entrepreneur hates about starting a business is trying to figure out the logistics for themselves. Fortunately for you, 7 Figure Cycle frees you from that worry by using a highly advanced solution for distribution that saves you money and time and helps you overcome this fear of logistics.

6. Wholesaler contracts are already sorted

Wholesaler contracts are all done and dusted for you before you even get started. The system shows you how to make the most of your wholesalers in an instant. You can choose to have the whole thing done on your behalf and the system will do it all for you since it comes pre-loaded with more than 100 contracts with wholesalers.

Just pick whichever product you want from whichever company you like and skip the reseller contract part.

Who can choose 7 Figure Cycle Training?

Anyone who wishes to become an entrepreneur, start their own online e-commerce business and wants to become an instant millionaire. You just have to buy the training course and you are on your way to achieving all of your dreams.

7 Figure Cycle Pros, Cons


  • Exceptional course.
  • One of a kind software.
  • Millions of products to choose from.
  • No website needed.
  • No paid ads needed.
  • Excellent support.
  • Live training.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • A guarantee that your products will sell.
  • No product or brand development.
  • $20,000,000 Made by-product creators.
  • $32,000,000 made by beta testers.
  • All products are preselected.
  • You don’t need to offer customer support.
  • 60-day refund period.


  • Price $2497
  • Time release training.
  • Time release bonuses.

7 Figure Cycle Overview and Conclusion.

You shouldn’t wait much after it gets released, jump on board the money making train and you won’t be sorry. Dozens of people have tried it during its beta testing and they are now richer than when they started.

You need to be willing to follow 7 Figure Cycle instructions to the letter and put the effort and dedication necessary into the process, if you are willing to do all that, you’ll discover that 7 Figure Cycle will bring in some amazing profits in literary no time. This simple solution will forever change your life.

It’s really worth the try, the program comes with a 60 days refund after you signed up so there is really nothing to lose on your end, go ahead, give it a try, you’ll find out there is nothing more rewarding than running your own successful business.

Don’t forget that e-Commerce introduces countless business opportunities, so it makes sense wanting to start your online business. However, you must remember that beginning your own business will require time, vitality, certain abilities cash, and most importantly following the rules of 7 Figure Cycle. It may do most of the work for you, but you still need to have solid business plan and vision.

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