10 Hidden WordPress SEO Tips To Boost Google Rank

SEO is the process that boosts the visibility of the website in the search engines. This involves the implementation of keywords, which are expressions or words that can enter into the content. If you are running the WordPress SEO, you know how important it is to optimize the website for the Google ranking. regardless of how beautiful is the website is or how to build it, without the right WordPress SEO tips, it won’t work at your own pace. Here are 10 hidden WordPress SEO tips to boost Google rank.

10 Hidden WordPress SEO Tips To Boost Google Rank

1. Choose the reliable hosting provider

The most important WordPress SEO tip to boost Google ranking, you need to choose the quality hosting provider. The reason is the host influences factors such as website availability, and the loading speed is an important indicator of the website reliability. Another reason why web hosting is very important for SEO is because of the location. The search engine crawlers determine the location of the website based on several indicators like IP addresses.

2. Optimize the permalink structure

Once you have configured the correct host, you can implement other WordPress SEO tips. The best starting point is the permalink structure. The permalink link is the URL that has to remain unchanged, and every page and publication on the website needs to have one. Several ways are there to configure the permalinks to boost WordPress SEO.

3. Use the dedicated WordPress SEO plugin

Another hidden WordPress SEO tips to boost Google’s ranking is to find a high-quality SEO plugin. The most well-known plugin is Yoast SEO, which is strongly recommended to use. It is reliable, lightweight, easy to learn, and feature-rich. If the installation and activation of the plugin are done, the new menu for the Yoast SEO will appear every time you work on the publication. In this way, the in-built traffic light system gives you a clear overview of the actions you should take at the workstation to boost the SEO content.

4. Choose a theme optimized for WordPress SEO

When choosing the WordPress theme, typically, aesthetics play an important role in decision making. However, it is probably so important to consider the SEO benefits of the theme. This is especially true if the site is for professional use since you obviously need to expand your group of potential customers.

5. Avoid the Black Hat Practices

It is enticing to just send spam the website with a certain keyword to get high rankings for the search term in Google. However, this has the black hat tactic that includes discreet and aggressive practices designed to deceive search engines. You can have found the websites with the white text using discrete link redirects or the white background.

6. Write quality with keyword-rich content

Human readers and crawlers can recognize the articles that have been cluttered with keywords or being copied from a different source. The WordPress SEO-optimized content is exclusive, focuses on a particular topic, highly shared, and add value. When creating the content, there is a good chance that readers will come back again.

7. Regularly use external and internal links

There are no complete WordPress SEO tips without discussing external and internal links. The external links give search engines a better understanding of the Google niche and assist in building credibility. If the links have a positive impact, it will naturally depend on their relevance and reliability and. The internal links are very important because they provide crawlers with a clearer picture of the site’s structure and hierarchy.

8. Optimize the URL slug and Meta description

The WordPress SEO tips are behind the scenes technique. When you are browsing the Google pages, you will notice that the information is normally displayed in the specific format. There are the URL and title, then the text snippet from the content. The text or Meta description together with URL slug may be used in the way of improving the Google ranking.

9. Share the content

The hidden WordPress SEO tip to boost Google’s ranking, it is important to ensure that the content can be shared more on social networks. If the content is known more, it will likely to be linked. If you have this type of backlink, it indicates that the content is relevant to the crawlers.

10. Optimize the images

In addition to the visual appeal of your Google, text can also be assigned to images, which you can use to optimize the pages and publications. This text will take the captions form, the image title and alt tags mostly used to describe the image of the visually impaired readers.

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