10 Best WordPress Hidden SEO Tips For Higher Ranking In GOOGLE

The ranking of a website in search engines like Google is very important in your marketing. The ranking of a website doesn’t rely on the website design or attractive images in the website but uses keywords added, the content quality, alternative tags, file names, and many more. It’s good to understand the information the search engines will look for the website to rank high in google. A good ranking in google leads to success in your online business. The article looks at the best WordPress hidden tips to rank #1 in Google.

10 Best WordPress Hidden SEO Tips For Higher Ranking In GOOGLE

However beautiful and attractive, the WordPress website design can be, without a good SEO ranking it will be useless. A well optimized SEO website will always have a higher possibility of appearing on the first page, hence attracting more traffic on the website. The WordPress provides various important SEO plugins which cater to the general needs of the website. The compiled WordPress hidden tips to rank #1 in Google will make you the website the best ranked on Google.

1. Using Google Analytics

It’s a top-rated tool offered by Google. The tool is free and aids the user in tracking the website traffic. It gives the traffic source, behavior as well as other useful information which helps a website owner to reach the target clients well. Google Analytics is useful in performing various functions like finding the 404 error page, determining traffic source, dealing with referral spam, and examining the visitor behavior.

2. Optimizing Your Media

For proper website development to take place, the media must be absolved inside in a good way. The media may completely destroy or promote SEO efforts. Proper tagging and naming of images determine the effectiveness of SEO. Proper images tagging improves the chances of being ranked higher in Google. Avoid uploading an image using complex names. Uploading images in the WordPress website gives you the option to add some description, the title, adding a caption or alt text. Using these options well will improve your website performance.

3. Setting Your Permalinks

The Permalinks are the URLs of the website posts and pages and posts. The website users rely on them to visit the website and view the pages they want. The permalinks are utilized by other websites to create links. The WordPress has the standard permalink settings, and you can change according to the needs or the convenience of the website. It’s advisable to change and use a name that users will remember easily.

4. Establish a Sitemap.

You need to update Google about your website structure in order to have the website pages indexed. This requires you to create a Google sitemap. WordPress provides you with important Google XML Sitemaps which automatically provides a sitemap in your website. This helps Google to rank your site high.

5. Using SEO Plugins

WordPress provides various SEO Plugins like Yoast SEO. They’re all in Single Seo plugin in order to care the website and promote the addition of Meta tags, Meta description, Meta title, and keywords. The plugins give a full solution which is available in WordPress. The plugins enhance the website ranking in the SEO by ensuring proper on-page SEO. Also, they aid in generating the XML sitemaps in your website.

6. Using SEO Themes

WordPress provides you with various themes which may be used to give a strong website foundation. It’s good to choose a theme which is more optimized in Google than a beautiful or appealing theme. The SEO optimized theme will always have a code and speed. Using a well-written theme with SEO will be a guarantee that the Google bots will easily move through the original code and finally locate the appropriate codes. You should consider using an open meta tag to promote sharing in social media.

7. Use Anchor Text & Links Well.

Learn to interlink your post on the website. Well, interlinked website accelerates the SEO efforts and promotes the user experience. Due to the development of search engines, there is has been recognizing of metric in metrics. Link relevancy is among the metrics that are determined by using source page content and the anchor text. However, the anchor text should be added well to be meaningful.

8. Making Shareable Content

It’s advisable to make contents that can be shared in all social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or Instagram, and others. This enables you to attract more traffic to the website. Remember to add social media share parts in the website to drive more traffic and add credibility to the website.

9. Hosting

Getting a good host for your website is very important for your success. It will determine your site ranking, website speed, website traffic problem and SEO score.

10. High-Quality Content

It’s advisable to use high-quality and engaging content on the website. The quality of content on the website is directly proportional to the number of visitors. Good content attracts more readers on the website. Good content should be shareable, informative, and unique.

It’s excellent and appealing to have your WordPress website ranking on the first page on Google. This helps to promote your online business by attracting more visitors. The tips will help in creating a reliant traffic on your website.

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